What Do You Need To Know About Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based intelligent business application involving enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). It comprises artificial intelligence tools and productivity applications. Microsoft Dynamics 365 was launched by Microsoft on November 1, 2016. There are two editions available. A Business Edition which includes Financial applications. The Enterprise Edition incorporates many CRM applications like filed service, sales, customer service project service automation etc.

The smart application – Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives an integrated customer experience. It sanctions companies to locate the business and customer data in one place. With high-quality technology, organizations can share data across different business lines.

Let us look in the insights of its features:-

  • For Customer service – Gives the benefits of customer self-service, pervasive customer engagement tools and customer service operations.
  • For field service- Comprises services like inventory management, contract management, programming of resources and comprehension of connected products and customer communication tools
  • For finance and operations- Gives advantages like cost management, financial management along with reporting and analytics. It also takes care of warehouse and inventory tools for smooth supply management.
  • For marketing- It has adobe marketing cloud which secures the CRM Dynamics. Efficient in bestowing campaign management. It furnishes personalized marketing tools.
  • For Project Service Automation- This is useful for time and expense direction and systematic project planning. Resource organization may also be programmed through this.
  • For Human Resource- The cloud service attracts and boards new employees. It is also well-connected to LinkedIn service. Also supervises HR programmes.
  • For Supply Chain Management- Examines planning, production stock, warehouse, and transportation.
  • For sales- Provides intuitive into prospective customers, deals with customer engagement and improvement of sales productivity.
  • Artificial Intelligence- Give AI for sales, marketing insights and customer service.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Provides Integration 
    The application furnishes an end to end view of a vast business. It centralizes all data from accounting, sales, production, warehouse, customer service to HR management. The intelligent application works with an automatic update so there is no need for manual efforts. The users can easily figure out trends and prevent problems with the latest versions. It also integrates with other Microsoft products like Office 365 suite. It becomes convenient to move data from one application to another thereby saving more time. 
  • Fruitful Customer Experience
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 accumulates valuable data from customers. It gives deep insights into the visits of people on websites, and their relationship with brands. It also effectively fetches the buying trend and brand loyalty of customers. The information helps the customer service provider to deal with each customer with knowledge. Moreover, the data is accessible at one location which gives an advantage to the employees to provide personalized solutions.
  • Increased Productivity
    There is an easy workflow that stimulates improved productivity. Time is saved in transferring and searching for data. The reporting task becomes seamless than ever. Customer work tools can also be easily modified to fit the company’s needs. The organization can customize the application according to its budget and team size. It also delegates mobility. Mobile employees can access the application from any location with the same experience.
  • Good Security
    Microsoft has been a trusted technology provider for years. Hence, all the data is secured and is in trusted hands. You would not want to compromise your crucial and sensitive business information. Having Microsoft Dynamics 365 will protect all your data in a secured channel. 
  • Flexibility In Pricing
    Institutions can design combinations and avail subscriptions to suit their needs and size of the company and workload. There is a monthly subscription also accessible. You can connect with your service provider to better understand the availability of plans and pricing. 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives real-time insights with the technology of in-built predictive analytics. It reduces costs, increases network connectivity,  and the agility of resources. It is mostly a platform that facilitates the ease of employees’ daily work. Microsoft Dynamics 365 works as a glue to all the database and processes to improve the business intelligence. The decisions can be made with valuable reports generated by business intelligence tools. Thus, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one solution for all productivity needs.