How to Install Hulu On Kodi Addon in 2020

Hulu is one of the greatest streaming services available and it comes just after Netflix. The features of this service are much superior to that of Netflix. You can watch various TV series and that too at a much reasonable rate. Also, it is noteworthy to mention that many of the shows featured on Hulu have received worldwide recognition and many awards. The TV shows include The Looming Tower, Future Man, The Path, and many more. However, it is only accessible in the US and in order to access it outside the US demands serious hacking. That’s what this content is all about and will tell you about Hulu and how to install Hulu on Kodi addon.

How can you Watch Hulu from Anywhere?

You can access Hulu anywhere outside the USA with the help of a VPN. When you modify the location, you have the option to access any website or the streaming service which is not available in your location. Your location can easily be tracked with the help of an IP address, which is basically an array of numbers that gives information to the network server about the location, device, as well as other confidential facts. 

With the help of PureVPN, you can easily be able to access the actual IP address covered by a new pseudo IP address which is located in the USA. This gives you the option to access any sort of thing from the online content library which is not available in the USA. 

How to Install Hulu on Kodi Addon?

Here is a user guide from where you will get to know how to unblock Hulu with the help of a VPN.

  1. First of all, you have to subscribe to Ivacy’s Hulu VPN service account with the help of username as well as the password.
  2. After that, you have to download and then install the Ivacy VPN app on your preferred system. It can be Android, iOS, or Windows as well.
  3. Now, move to the Purpose tab. From there, you have to choose the United States as the chosen location. Apart from this, you can use the “Countries” tab in order to choose the preferred location.
  4. This can modify the IP address of the USA. As a result, it gives you the option to have unlimited access to the American Hulu library.
  5. Now, you are all set to go.

When you are done with the above steps, you need to move to the official website of Hulu. From there, you can stream your favorite Hulu content outside the USA in a seamless fashion. 

How will you get Hulu Addon for Kodi?

The below-mentioned methods will tell you how to install Hulu on Kodi.

Step #1: First of all, you have to open Kodi.

Step #2: After that, move to the Systems tab. Then, click on File Manager.

Step #3: Now, hit the Add Source button and then choose None.

Step #4: Then, you have placed this URL.

Step #5: Click on Done.

Step #6: After that, you need to provide the name of the media source.

Step #7: Then, you can write “Fusion” and hit on Done. After that, press OK.

Step #8: Thereafter, move to the option marked as Systems. Then, press Settings and move to the Addons tab.

Step #9: Now, you have to choose Install from the zip file.

Step #10: Then, choose Fusion in order to understand how to get Hulu on Kodi.

Step #11: Thereafter, press the option marked as xbmc-reports. Then, move to the English tab and click on entertainmentrepo.backup-1.1.4 zip.

Step #12: Now, you need to wait for the information which displays Entertainment Repo has been installed.

Step #13: From there, you need to move to the Systems tab. Thereafter, move to the Settings option and then click on Addons.

Step #14: Now, it’s time to choose Install from the repository. Then, move to the tab marked as Entertainment Repo and click on Video Addons.

Step #15: Choose Hulu Movie TV and press the option marked as Install.

Method on how to Watch Hulu on Kodi Right After the Installation?

When Hulu add-ons are installed properly on your device, then you can move to the Kodi home screen. After that, move to the Video tab. Thereafter, click on the Add-ons option. Choose Hulu add-on which you have installed and then enjoy the free Hulu on Kodi. 

Kodi VPN- Does it Required at all for Kodi Hulu addon?

Kodi VPN is a necessity for most of the streamers and streamers are mostly under the threat of theft, or hacks. A simple fact is that the streamers are always on the search for new platforms so that they can catch hold of the free video content and Kodi Hulu addon is one such thing.

Moreover, the content is only available on Kodi and is not at all licensed. You can get this on Kodi from a pirated source and run to provide the manifold purpose although steps are taken by the producers to close it.  Streamers also face a problem if they are caught using such pirated content to play free Hulu on Kodi.

Therefore, the best possible measure to avoid such discrepancy is to use a PureVPN. A good VPN can serve you for all the streaming and comes with all the required functions to optimize your streaming experience. Apart from this, it provides digital security in order to remain safe online.

Final Implication

This is all about how to install Hulu on Kodi. All the major ways on how to use it from various sources are mentioned here in this informative content. So, we suggest you go through this blog to get a good grasp. Nevertheless, for regular streamers, it is advisable to use a PureVPN to avoid any problem. This VPN has almost 750+ servers for providing streaming content. It provides awesome user experience with the buffer-free streaming content anywhere across the globe. Most people outside the USA use VPN to make things easy and use Hulu from anywhere. So, gear up, and start using it from any remote location. However, if you have any suggestions, please provide that in the comment section.