How to Fix “DNS Server Unavailable” Error

DNS Server Unavailable

The DNS or the Domain Name System is the server that collects all the domain names of the websites that a user has visited. Whenever a user searches on the web browser for a domain name then it is sent to the DNS server by the router. It might sometimes happen that the DNS server unavailable error occurs. 

While you must be using the browser and then your DNS server might be unavailable. There are steps to overcome this. 

Sometimes people troubleshoot their browser and this is the reason why sometimes people face the problem of troubleshooting or else DNS is good as it helps to fasten the process of site loading if the user has already been to that site earlier and the IP address is saved in it.

Well, there can be some more reasons that the DNS server unavailable error shows up. Mostly it happens in the situation where the server is kind of experiencing an outage that the DNS server is not responding to the problem. But do not worry! There are a few simple steps to get through this problem.

Fix DNS Server not Responding Error with Below Solutions

Many users may have come across this error of the unavailable of the DNS server. For a real quick fix, users can correct this by just changing their web browsers, changing a few firewall settings, or else just reboot the router. But first users must be able to find out what is the possible reason behind this error.

So first attempt to change the web browser and search for whatever one was searching for. For example, the errors occur while using the Mozilla Firefox then close it and switch up to Google Chrome or any other browser. If still the error persists then the user must try to change the device. 

To ensure that there is no problem in the hardware, go and try to open a web page using another phone but still from the same network. It will be good if the user tries to connect the same page by working on the data plan and this will help to analyze if the problem is actually in the DNS server.

Once all the above-mentioned steps have been completed, then reboot the router. Sometimes it may happen that the DNS server is not responding even after all this. 

Then to solve this server unavailable error you must have to follow the below-mentioned methods that can be effective to solve this error. 

Try to Flush the DNS (Windows)

One of the most excellent methods to overcome the DNS Server unavailable error is flushing it with the aid of the command prompt. Here are the steps to it- 

cmd run
  • First one has to pull up the dialog. This can be done by pressing the Windows key and the R key simultaneously.  
  • In the field provided type cmd and then press enter key.
  • Then type ipconfig/flushdns in the command prompt window and press enter key.
  • After that type ipconfig/release and then press enter.
  • Once again type and enter config/renew.
  • As soon as done with all these steps close the prompt Windows and then reboot the system.

Flushing DNS on MAC

Users face the same problem of DNS Server unavailable error on Mac too. So DNS can be flushed on the Mac too. But keep in mind that these steps will vary according to which version of Mac one has, the difference is not too big! Just the change of syntax has to be taken care of. Now let’s go to the steps-

  1. First, enter into a finder window and go in the applications, then utilities, and at the last go to the terminal.
  2. Now depending on the version of macOS, one has entered the below-mentioned syntax-
  • macOS X EL Captain/Yosemite- first sudo dscacheutil, then flushcache, sudo killall-HUP mDNSRResponder, then say cache flushed.
  • macOS Mojave- first sudo killall-HUP mDNSRResponder, then sleep 2.
  • macOS- Sierra- first sudo killall-HUP mDNSRResponder, then say DNS cache has been completed.
  • macOS High Sierra- sudo killall-HUP mDNSRResponder, sleep 2, after that echo macOS DNS Cache Reset|say.
  1. After done with entering the syntax press the return key, then enter the password, then again hit on the return key.
  2. Now, wait till the audio alert is given which will indicate that DNS Server has been successfully flushed and then exit the terminal.

The one with MacOS X cache will require a few more steps to flush it. Both MDNS and UDNS caches are required to flush previously. 

So before getting out of the terminal do perform these steps too-

  • This is for the MDNS cache- type sudo discoveryutil mdnsflushcache
  • This is for the UDNS cache- type sudo discoveryutil udnsflushcache

Get Rid of Multiple Anti-Viruses

With the help of today’s technology, one can install multiple antiviruses on their PC and this will encumber the protection of the PC. So one must check if their pc has got 1 or more antivirus running as this could be a reason for the DNS error. 

To disable these additional programs and as one disables them they then have to reboot the system and then the error will be resolved. Keep in mind to just not to install and run too many programs for the defense of the device as it may create problems in the device.

Changing of the DNS Servers

If one has tried all the fixing given above and still does not get a good result and still, the DNS server unavailable is showing up then it will be the best to change the DNS server. There are several public servers that one can choose and Google free DNS is one of the most popular and one of the best servers to choose.

The steps to do this are very simple and can be completed in just a few clicks but it will depend on where one opts to transform it. 

Changing DNS via Router

  • First of all, get access to the router. This can be done by first launching the web browser than on the URL enter the gateway address.

    One can get the default gateway by opening up the command prompt window, then typing ipconfig, and after that press enter. Now copy the numbers just beside the default gateway. 
  • Now login into the router. Give the proper credentials.
  • After that one has to locate the net account. This can be found from a similarly named tab.
  • After that go to the DNS server and choose the option that will be the best according to one internet protocol
  • Then the user has to enter the address of the DNS server one wants to operate instead of the present DNS server.
  • When done with all the above procedures, save the edits and go out of the router interface.

Testing of the New DNS Server

Now above were all the steps to solve the problem of DNS servers not responding to errors. And even if those steps didn’t work then the steps to set up a different DNS server or changing it were also given above. 

As one must have till now set up a new and different DNS Server it’s time to check if this one works properly or not. So now here is the step to check the new DNS Server.

Open a browser and then try launching a site that is well-known for example If the site is accessible immediately then congratulations! The DNS Server is working nicely. But it is not opening up immediately then enters any of the Google IP addresses, like, enter the IP address directly on the browser and press enter. 

Now, wait till the Google logo comes up. If this does not come up then the trouble may be on the internet and the DNS Server is not to blame for that. Then try to contact the service provider for help.

So here were all the steps to how to fix DNS server unavailable error and still if it does not work then one can also change the DNS Server. After that, it can also be checked by the procedure given above. And still, if it is not responding then you must contact the service provider.