Corporate Email Security

Corporate Email Security

The use and integration of modern technology in the business industry continue to become more refined. Unluckily, email-based security issues to your enterprise are bound to increase. Therefore, it is essential to create effective and best corporate email security practices to keep your business safe.

According to reports, about 90% of cyberattacks occur through email. For successful attacks, organizations worldwide have encountered a loss of over $1 million on average for every incident. Since a large number of sensitive and confidential information are passed via email, adopting first-class security solutions to safeguard your business from threats such as ransomware, spear phishing, and many other malicious email-centered attacks.

In order to secure your organization’s sensitive information, it is essential to understand matters to do with email and data security. For instance, you need to establish a suitable strategy that is comprehensive, proactive, and operates 24/7. Besides, it should provide your real-time business protection from email risks that may compromise your business’ security.

Best 5 Practices for Keeping Your Corporate Emails Safe

Basically, a good email security plan for your enterprise guarantees top-notch safety and tackles unique threats your business may encounter. But, that may not be enough. This article discusses several universal best practices every business should implement to help prevent these email-based exposures.

Get to Know all the Basics about Email Security

Typically, there are plenty of potential email-based risks out there. Therefore, creating and implementing the best corporate email security plan can be quite a daunting task. And generally, this ought not to be so complicated. In other words, you can start by making sure that your organization carries the basic practices engineered to offer utmost email security.

Be sure that there is a complete corporate security solution in your business that is easy to use and manage. If you intend to use a cloud-based email security plan, ensure it has the following critical components:

  • An end-to-end user encryption
  • Spam filters
  • URL analysis
  • Email attachment scanning feature

Without these components, your business will be more susceptible to a vast range of email-based risks.

Create Security Awareness among Employees

Training employees enables them to acquire the appropriate knowledge and skills needed to help keep your business safe. Mostly, your workers are the front-line defenders against cyberattack threats. You may have the best security solutions in your organization, yes. But without adequate education and awareness, they may be unable to know how to keep your enterprise safe from email security threats. The good thing with training is that the employees will understand how to detect and secure sensitive data.

Find out and Solve Areas of Weaknesses

Ignoring the vulnerability extent in your enterprise is one of the greatest mistakes made by many people. It leaves the business exposed to data infringement and other malicious cyberattacks allowing the attackers to access and exploit sensitive data. So, spotting out and understanding weaknesses makes it easier to find an effective solution before exploitation. This can only be possible if you have trained your employees regarding potential weaknesses your business may face and how to solve them.

Create a Plan that Caters to the Worst situations

Whenever you plan to implement email-based protection policies, be sure to formulate an action plan that highlights what the business should do if it becomes a victim of a security breach. With such a plan, you can take fast and decisive action once you detect a security breach and cut it down before causing any irreparable damage to the enterprise.

Back-up Important Data Regularly

After a ransomware threat, your company needs to have recent back-ups of all essential files. While there is highly advanced ransomware that can clear all your back-ups, there are several approaches one can use to safeguard back-ups. For instance, you can store the data in multiple locations, separate back-ups to make it harder for ransomware to compromise. Plus, do regular back-up testing to identify if there are any issues.

Verify Email Senders

Verifying all email senders can help prevent phishing attacks, which accounts for about 90% of corporate information violations. Use the sender authentication program that has cryptographic protocols and standards to validate emails from a particular sender. The program can also help keep your business safe from email spoofing and other business email compromise attacks.

Handle the Credential Phishing caused by Office 365

Office 365 is a business platform that has been growing in popularity. This is mostly due to its unique and seamless collaboration and productivity capabilities. However, the platform is super easy to use, and therefore it becomes an easy target for credential phishing.

The Osterman Research asserts that about 40% of the Office 365 platform users have suffered from credential theft even though it has certain protections. In other words, add extra security strategies to keep your business secure from such threats.

Adopt and Use Secure Email Options

While email-based security threats are advancing daily, many businesses suffer massive losses. So, adopting a proper, comprehensive, and well-managed email security strategy can be the best way to go. Such a mechanism allows you to combat these threats and secures your business from experiencing more damage from a cyberattack.

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