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When you stare at your computer, Laptop, TV, or mobile screen for hours at a time, you are exposed to blue light. Prolonged exposure to blue light can affect your longevity. It can damage cells in the brain as well as the retina.

You may experience dry eye, headache, insomnia, and digital eye strain. But the good news is there are ways to protect your eyes from blue light and avoid vision problems. 

You should use Blue light filtering glasses and zFORTTM blue light blockers to prevent eye damages if you spend most of your time in front of the computer.

What is blue light? 

Blue light is a color in the visible light spectrum. Not all colors of light have the same effect. Sun is the primary source of blue light, and the sunlight is made up of yellow, green, blue, and red rays with different levels of energy and wavelength. Since it is a short wavelength, blue light produces a high amount of energy. 

We are living in a digital era where people use smartphones and computers. These digital devices emit blue light, and studies suggested that exposure to the blue light can cause serious long-term damage to the retina. 

What are the positives and negatives of blue light?


  • Prolonged exposure to blue light could pose a threat to your overall health.
  • Research has revealed that blue light can damage the sensitive inner lining in the back of the eye. 
  • It can damage the sensitive cells in the retina, which may cause age-related macular degeneration. As a result, a person can lose vision permanently. 
  • Blue light can affect your circadian rhythm, which is a natural sleep-wake cycle. You may face difficulty sleeping or, even worse, insomnia. 
  • Too much exposure to UV can cause skin cancer. 
  • Prolonged exposure to blue light-emitting from digital device screens can lead to digital eye strain. As a result, you may face difficulty focusing.
  • Staring at the computer or mobile screen for long hours can cause headaches, fatigue, and dry eye problem.


  • Blue light does some good to eyes too.
  • It boosts alertness and elevates mood.
  • It helps memory and cognitive functions. 
  • It regulates the body’s natural wake-sleep cycle.
  • Not enough exposure to sunlight can affect the growth and development of kids.

These were some of the benefits of blue light, but prolonged exposure to blue light can be extremely harmful to eyes and overall health.

What is zFORTTM?

You understand that blue light can be harmful to your eyes, but you have to work on a computer. You can wear blue light blocking glasses to combat the issue.

Vision Direct has launched zFORTTM blue light blocking technology that blocks a portion of the blue light from reaching your eyes.

With zFORTTM technology, you can turn any regular pair of glasses into blue light blocking glasses. Whether you wear Tom Ford, Gucci, Oakley, or Ray-Ban, turn them into computer glasses and protect your eyes. 

Why should you buy zFORTTM?

Here are the main reasons you should buy zFORTTM:

  • Helps reduce eye strain and irritation
  • Potentially less glare while looking at smartphone or computer screen
  • Helps to improve circadian rhythm
  • Helps to improve the overall health

So, get a perfect pair of blue light blocking glasses that not only protects your eyes but adds style too.