12 Ways to Create Successful Online Surveys in 2021

Online Surveys

Getting your client feedback or knowing your customers’ opinion on your product or service is essential for every business. It helps you find out what your target audience is talking about, what measures to take for improvement, and what will make your customers happy. It also sets a benchmark to compete with other brands and helps in research and development. Customer feedback plays an essential role in any business. Without any input in place, companies will not be able to identify the loopholes, create new products, or upgrade their existing product or services,  

There are many ways to get customer feedback. Thanks to the growing technology that feedback is not manual on papers anymore. You can check with your customers through email, webchat, and the fast and quicker way is through an online feedback survey. Conducting an online survey is easy and straightforward. Moreover, it gives you multiple options to know your customers’ viewpoint. Through a series of continued questions, you can determine if the customer is satisfied or dissatisfied. Today, online feedback surveys are considered very useful to crack the most challenging situation and get the best data for any purpose. Be its employee experience or customer experience; online surveys cover all topics in the business arena. 

The best online survey gives you a clear understanding of the questionnaires, share accurate results, reliable data, and actionable insights for future decision-making. People enjoy taking surveys that have relatable questions, easy to complete, and give quality data. If you want to survey people, it’s the best thing to do. There is real science that goes beyond conducting online surveys. If you have taken any study in the past, you would know it’s quite fun to answer the questions, but the effort behind doing the survey is very advanced. 

Before you contemplate the idea of conducting a survey, it’s essential to know why you are running the survey. What’s the objective? If you ask any wrong question or complete a survey at the wrong time, you will not get the correct data or get minimal data. That’s why it’s critical to create a well-designed survey because it helps to get better and reliable results. At first, if you are conducting your survey to obtain relevant information, you must build your survey with the right questionnaires to hit the right button.  

Ways to Create Meaningful and Successful Online Surveys

If you are surveying for the first time, you should know the basics and a few other steps that make your survey meaningful and thriving in 2021. 

Identify what you want to achieve

It makes less sense to create surveys with a set of questions and send it to your entire database. It might not fetch great results, and the response rate will be meager. Instead, you should research questions and plan your surveys before you hit send. The first thing to do is identify your goals and objectives. Then find the exact purpose of your survey and what you want to achieve through it. There can be many reasons for a survey – improving customer service, investing in a new product, a recent upgrade, or simply knowing what your customers think about your business. Spending time planning your survey will help you draft the right questions and ensure you get maximum response. 

Think about questions first 

After identifying the target audience for your survey, it’s time to start writing the questions. Sit with your team and brainstorm the questions you want to add to your survey. Put down your thoughts, and then work on the wordings. To know more about the respondent, you should ask basic demographic questions like name, age, gender, and other relevant details. Also, you can add drop-down questions so that it doesn’t sound too specific in the beginning. After the basic questions, you should start with serious problems. All your survey questions should be carefully made so that its short, crisp, and to the point. 

Arrange the questions 

The next step in beautifying your online surveys is to arrange the questions as per the decided sequence. You can choose free text, multiple-choice, single choice, or any style that would get you appropriate data. Then arrange your questions in the most logical sequence or the right order. If your survey is long, you can divide it into different pages or create categories to place them in the prescribed order. It will ensure your surveys are in a proper flow and more comfortable for your respondents to navigate and answer. 

Don’t elongate too much

Nobody remembers those days when companies would send long surveys to customers to get their feedback. Long surveys are gone and irrelevant as customers don’t have the time to fill them. It creates hassle for customers and causes “survey fatigue,” which will eventually lead to a preliminary survey. Think like your customers. Prepare a dummy test survey, ask your team to fill it, and see how much time it takes? Having to fill a survey of 15 questions is too much. It would be best to formulate four to five best questions to increase the response rate. 

Ask the right questions

In every survey, there is an appropriate and inappropriate question that needs to be timed correctly. You wouldn’t ask an NPS question to someone who has just visited your website and not even your customers. More than formulating questions, it’s necessary to time them for better reach and performance. When you ask for a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) rating, and the customer answers “dissatisfied,” you ask the disappointment. These types of questions help you understand your customers better and know what’s going on in their minds. 

No biased questions 

It’s best to keep your survey free of any misleading or biased questions. You may never do it, but it’s advisable to eliminate any problems that direct the respondent to a specific answer. When you create a survey, the ideal way is to add only those many words that the respondent needs to understand and answer. Keep your survey focused on the respondent’s thoughts and opinion, and not create something of no interest. Also, look for irrelevant adjectives and adverbs, and remove them if not required. 

Encourage people to participate

After you create your survey, it’s time to promote and distribute it to your audience. The most common way to distribute your survey is through email marketing. You can use any email tool to send it to all your databases. A survey that runs through emails has a higher reach, and the response rate is high. But before that, you have to encourage your participants to take the survey. And for that, you have to create compelling email drafts that catch the attention of the participants. You can also attract customers by talking about rewards and the perks of participating in the survey.  

Test drive your survey

To save your survey from any potential disaster, first, test it out with your team. Run a test survey to know the outcome in case anything goes wrong. It’s always a good practice to pre-test your study before making it fully operational so that you can avoid any fatal errors that can mess up your survey results. Share your survey with maximum people in the team, so you can catch and highlight any mistakes that can land you in trouble. 

Keep your audience in mind

While distributing the survey, keep in mind the time where most of the people are active. It will give you higher open and click rates. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are considered to be productive days. There is not much difference between surveys conducted on weekends or weekdays. It’s all about your target audience and their time. E.g., for employee surveys, you should choose Friday when the workload is less and employees are free.  

Improve design with video and images 

A straightforward survey without any images or video will look so dull. A well-designed survey looks presentable and increases the response rate than the one that is just sent for responses. Give importance to the text, visuals, layout, fonts, the logo of your website, and other design elements. You can even use video and images that look attractive and eye-catchy. It holds their attention and remains in the memory for a long time. Through appealing videos and pictures, you can capture the participants’ interest, which will increase the response rate. 

Analyze results 

The whole purpose of conducting the survey is to get to the final result. All our efforts will eventually lead to great survey results, or there is room for improvement. Using SoGoSurvey, you can gather the responses, analyze data, and convert them into easy graphs and charts for more informed decisions. If you are manually analyzing results, you have to use excel for calculation and then put the data into another tool for decision making. In the interim, you may miss some data which will not give you accurate results. When you have all the data in front of you with statistics, you can compare monthly and yearly statistics for a much bigger insight. 

Take immediate action 

The last and the most significant step is to make changes and implement the feedback you got from the survey. Many businesses survey to get feedback but never implement the feedback. When you listen to feedback, your employees and customers feel happy being a part of your business, and they recommend you everywhere they go. Let your people know that you have taken their feedback positively and also made the necessary changes. Please send an email to everyone who completed the survey, and thank them for the participation.  


Creating an online survey is easy. If you follow all the above rules, you can make all your surveys enjoyable. With the right questionnaires, you can get more responses, and people will enjoy taking your survey. Offer incentives to people for participation, which will increase the response rate. Use visuals, videos, and Gifs to create compelling surveys that the participants cannot refuse. Create a study on a robust online survey platform that will help you generate better results, analyze responses, and convert data into graphs and charts. Finally, when you get the final data, work on it and implement the necessary changes. Thank the participants and let the people know that you care for them and respect their opinion.