11 Best Tumblr Alternatives for Bloggers in 2020

Tumblr is among the most famous social platforms in the present time. It is more kind of a blogging site and this is what makes it so much different from the old social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook. There are still many Tumblr alternatives. Till the time of 2019 it had hosted about 475 million blogs and earlier Tumblr didn’t put any kind of restrictions to the users on posting anything.

 But now they have put on some restrictions as they have now banned the content of NSFW on Tumblr. As they started these policies, they also started facing a big decrease in their popularity and at this point, people started to search for the best  Tumblr alternatives.

Top 11 Tumblr Alternatives for Bloggers

  1. Newground

    This is a very popular recommendation when it comes to Tumblr alternatives. As Tumblr started with their new policies then a massive influx of users, artists, bloggers, creators were seen in Newground. It is a very strong social site that has completed its two decades.

    It is said to be an uncensored type of Tumblr. If one gets to visit the site they will have a feel of the old school. They have a tagline-“everything, by everyone” this thing summarizes what kind of site it is and everything else about it. So on Newground, one can post anything he/she likes without the fear of getting banned or doing an illegal thing.

  2. Pillowfort

    There are many apps like Tumblr but this can be said to be a perfect choice for the ones looking for Tumblr alternatives. Pillowfort is comparably a new site and is still in its beta. Their aim is to give its users and the creator a safer environment to share their works.

    One can either join a community that he/she likes or can make their community. Because the Pillowfort is in beta soo they charge for registration $5 and have said that as soon as they get out of the beta version they will make it free.

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  3. Mastodon

    Mastodon is a free social site that is open-source and is self-hosted. It is a 100% decentralized service in which one can have its own independent rules and regulations. One thing that makes it stand out in the crowd is that the information can be exchanged between two different servers.

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    They have the tagline-‘by the people, for the people’ and this will summarize what mastodon is about. It will be a perfect ad-free alternative to Tumblr. And also any kind of government interference or any other technical interference is not seen.

  4. Reddit

    How can one forget Reddit when talking about such a topic! Reddit is just the perfect alternative to Tumblr. Reddit is a famous discussion platform but it is not just limited to discussing things. One can share photos, videos, and links and even write blogs plus discuss different topics.

    If someone likes Tumblr then they will surely like Reddit too.one can also either upvote or downvote shared content. So no doubt on Reddit is one of the best  Tumblr alternatives.

  5. WordPress

    When talking of blogging no one can skip WordPress! It has over 51% of the total market share of 2019 and is the most famous blogging platform. It is worth alternatives to Tumblr and if one uses Tumblr then they don’t need to think much and can switch up to WordPress.

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    WordPress and got its two variants the first one is for free that is Wordspress.com and second one wordpress.org which is self-hosted. The second variant is much versatile and gives entire control over blogging but still whichever type of WordPress a person uses he/she can post anything they like on their blogs.

  6. Medium

    It is considered as the best Tumblr alternative. Medium is the best place if one is searching for quality content. One can find blogs on all the topics whether it is related to science, arts, technology, fitness, and more. As it is ad-free plus gives quality content so it can be considered as a good Tumblr alternative. 

    It is now introduced to a program named Medium partner program that helps the users to earn money from the blogs they write. But lately, Medium introduced paid membership and this has made itself a little bit less attractive to the uses now.

  7. Blogger

    Here is another site that is among the best Tumblr alternatives and as the name itself suggests that it is for blogging. It is a service that is given by Google and is a lot easier to use compared to other sites. One can share whatever he/she likes and can also set their contents as private and also hide them from search engines. 

    But as it is not a self-hosted version so has limited functions like WordPress. But it is still perfect for the newbies. And if they have improved their skills then they can switch to other blogging platforms according to their choices. So Blogger can be said as a good Tumblr alternative.

  8. Dreamwidth

    This is an open-source type of social networking site and is in the list of sites similar to Tumblr. This will be a great choice for artists who like sharing their work with people with just the same artistic talent. Users also increased in Dreamwidth as soon as Tumblr introduced its new policies.

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    One can join in different kinds of communities they like and it also gives full control of the content one likes to see on it. Unlike Tumblr, it does not restrict its users from posting any kind of content. Also, the third party ads are shown on this and in summary, it can be a good alternative to Tumblr.

  9. Ghost

    Here is one more site from the list of Tumblr alternatives. The ghost itself says that it is a customizable and powerful alternative for Tumblr. It is also an open-source program and is fast. One has control over the features and contents that power the user’s content. 

    It is fast plus is based on the latest technology. So it can be a part of the best alternatives to Tumblr. The only thing that might make users think before using it is that this social platform is not free. But still, because of the features it gives, it can be in the top Tumblr alternatives.

  10. Soup

    Soup is another social networking site and also a microblogging site. It is much similar to Tumblr. One can share links, videos, photos, songs, and also small size flies. Much more one can even import the post from many other various social media sites Soundcloud, twitter. 

    Just like Tumblr, one can also join groups on Soup based on their likes. It is very easy to use a social site. One can even hide NSFW contents and post whatever they like. Unlike Tumblr, it will not restrict its users. So it is among the top Tumblr alternatives.

  11. Ello

    Here is another site from the list of sites similar to Tumblr and it can be said as the best Tumblr alternative with no doubts. It is just perfect for designers and artists. Users can collaborate and also follow other users on it. it is not a microblogging site or social networking site but because of its features, it is worth mentioning Ello over here.

    One can also earn from this by getting hired or can also sell their works.it has a quite easy to use interface and has got many communities that one may join.

Bottom Line of Alternatives to Tumblr

These were 11 apps like Tumblr that one must use. There are still more sites that can be Tumblr alternatives but these were most famous and with the best features. Not each of these was a clone of Tumblr but mostly these were the sites similar to Tumblr and also they didn’t have the Restriction policy like what Tumblr introduced to their site.  

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