11 Best Alternatives to Photoshop You Need to Know

Are you eager to know what are the alternatives to Photoshop then you are on the right page? Here you may find some of the best substitutes that you may use in place of Photoshop. Photoshop is the image editing tool that can handle your image enhancement task easily. But if you thinking to use it in your day to day task then it is not the best alternatives for your image editing tasks.

Let’s see what are the various alternatives to Photoshop that you may use to enhance your image features and quality.

Lists of Some of the Best Alternatives to Photoshop

  1. GIMP

    GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is an open-source image editing tool and it is the free Photoshop alternatives. It stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is the best image editor tool owing to its great features. Platform – Windows, Linux, Android, iOS. GIMP is free of cost.

    Here are some of the highlighted features of GIMP:-
    – It allows you to integrate with Python and Perl programming language
    – Offers a color management facility for printed and digital media
    – It may be used to produce graphic design icons and elements
    – It supports 3rd party plugin and a range of customization options

  2. PhotoLine

    Photoline app is created by the pl32 firm. Photoline is the second free Photoshop alternatives that allow you to import pdf files as well as you may create HTML galleries. You may even blend colors with ICC through this tool. Platform Windows, macOS. PhotoLine is free of cost.

    Some of the highlighted features of PhotoLine are as follows:-
    – Enables you to edit the image in batch
    – It supports the USB stick
    – You may create a calendar through this tool
    – You may correct and retouch any photo
    – Offers you image rotation features
    – You may create flash animation and GIF via this tool

  3. SumoPaint

    SumoPaint is an online image editing software that has more than 300 high-quality brushes long with image flash feature. It has a myriad of features that manipulates the features much faster. Platform Browser or iPad. SumoPaint offer free (basic) and $4/monthly Pro account. This one of the best Photoshop alternatives.

    Some of the key features of SumoPaint are as follows:-
    – You may work offline in this tool
    – You may create distinct shapes using the shape tools feature
    – Assist you in adding wave effect in the image
    – Using brush libraries may fill any bitmap
    – You may create a realistic link impression
    – Check updates automatically and even fixed bugs

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  4. Pixlr

    Pixlr is an online image editing tool that allows you to crop, resize or remove backgrounds of the image. You may edit the image quickly through this image editor. Platform supported are– Windows, Android, iOS. Pixlr is free of cost.

    Some of the key features of Pixlr are as follows:-
    – Offers you a mode to darken or lighten the image
    – It allows you to draw anything on the image
    – You may access your images or files from Facebook or Google
    – You may remove spots, fix blemishes or image duplicate parts
    – You may add effects like bloom, clarity, mosaic, glamour, etc
    – You may use icons, shapes, overlays or borders for your image

  5. Affinity Photo

    Affinity Photo is the best alternatives to Photoshop that assists you in merging HDR photos. It is developed by serif. Platform – Windows, iOS, macOS. For desktop apps cost is $49.99 and for iPad cost is $19.99.

    Some of the key features of Affinity Photo are as follows:-
    – You may edit and view EXIF information
    – It allows you to paint the image digitally
    – You may erase any area of the image
    – You may adjust features like black point, exposure, white balance, etc
    – It allows you to 360-degree image editing
    – It offers you a range of tools for Affinity such as burn, clone, patch, Dodge, etc
    – You may work more than one image at a time in this tool

  6. PicMonkey

    PicMonkey is a graphic image editor that has a versatile text tool, vector graphics, effects, etc. PicMonkey assists in creating Facebook covers, social media graphics, images, and many more things, etc. Platform – iOS, Android and a web app. PicMonkey is free, for Pro version you need to pay for extra features.

    Some of the highlighted features of PicMonkey are as follows:-
    – You may add text and graphics to the images with ease
    – It contains 100+ fonts
    – It also has 100+ templates for cards, media posts, flyers, etc
    – To assemble distinct images, you may load blank collage layouts

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  7. Sketch

    Sketch is a vector graphic editor that allows you to edit the image with ease using its essential tools. Using the plugin, you may enhance its features. It has a simple UI that has features similar to the Photoshop. Platform – Windows, macOS. Sketch has a free version and also paid version which is $99/yearly.

    Some of the key features of Sketch are as follows:-
    – It offers you 200 plugins to design sketches
    – It allows you to design vector images
    – You may add faces, names or places to your design in just a few clicks
    – You may even update and share design components with others

  8. Krita

    Krita is a graphic editor that is free and open source. Using this tool, you may organize your artwork and even retouch or sketch the image with ease. Platform – Windows, iOS, Android. Krita is free of cost.

    Highlighted features of Krtia are as follows:-
    – It enables you to import brushes and texture packs from other artists – You may customize the brushes in this tool
    – It assists you in embracing your drawing into the current management pipeline of color
    – It allows you to create a comic panel using in-built vector drawing tools
    – Using this tool, you may even highlight the drawing portion

  9. Fotor

    Fotoris an online image editing tool that allows you to edit any sort of image. It offers you various signs, stickers, icons or even clips arts that suit your themes. Platform – Android, iOS. Fotor is free of cost, for more features you will have to go with Pro version which is paid.

    Some of the key features of Fotor are as follows:-
    – It offers 100+ photo frames
    – You may adjust some of the features like size, color, light, etc
    – You may retouch any portrait etc
    – It offers you a wide range of templates
    – It offers you a great selection area of filters for images

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  10. Luminar

    Luminar is an image editing tool that allows you to enhance portrait and skin. It is developed by Skylum. You may quickly highlight the few parts of the image through this tool. Platform – Windows, macOS. Luminar dont have free version, it only have paid version.

    Highlighted features of the Luminar are as follows:-
    – It offers you 75+ looks for your image
    – You may add realistic sun rays in the image
    – It allows you to remove unwanted objects from the pics
    – You may sort or explore the image with ease
    – You may add contrast to your image

  11. Pixelmator

    Pixelmator is a graphic image editor tool that allows you to retouch and edit the image. It also has a collection of tools that assist you in creating a professional image. Platform – iOS, macOS. The cost of standard package is $29.99 and the Pro version is $39.99.

    Some of the key features of Pixelmator are as follows:-
    – It provides you a collection of handcrafted brushes
    – It supports multiple GPU’s
    – You may retouch any sort of image
    – It allows you to remove unwanted colors from the image
    – You may combine and mix any special artistic and effects
    – It enables you to customize any symbol from templates

Mentioned above are all the best alternatives to Photoshop to look for in 2020.